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When Jo Gang-Ja attended high school, she was notorious for fighting.She gave birth to her daughter A-Ran (Kim You-Jung) in her late teens and became more responsible.

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Another user commented on even liking the bad guys. I was waiting for an explanation at the end but I don't feel like there ever was one. idk Quite a funny drama but the storylines is touching in certain parts.

I was the same, especially the bad kids, who by the end became good kids. In here, Kim Hee Seon as a mother is unbelievable but she was great.

She really a beautiful mother and still look so young at her ages. Hang gong ju is a movie dealing with a serious matter subject here it is a character for laughs.

Very match with Ji-soo, although both of them have so big gaps ages. Very low to try to milk publicity from such a tragic story based on real life rape victim.

It was good too see Lee Hyun Woo as a supporting actor, Kim Hee Won was the best for me.

Of course i liked the younger cast, well I liked every character and every actor.

It's hard to be eloquent when writing in another language but what I have to say is that this drama is a real gem.

I've been watching dramas for years and was really not expecting anything from it besides "fluffy" moments and hilarious/ridiculous moments but I was wrong, this drama is not only a romcom (romance is not the point here) it was very well done. It was like watching these koreans movies that start funny yet make you cry rivers and rivers. It started as a simple school-cyber bullying but it was bigger than that. It's not predictable and viewers are sucked in and wonder what will happen next.

On entertainment side the director blends touches of realism with some over the top acting and generic drama into it and works well for a while but i dropped it after 5 episodes once it is clear that the direction of the story is going into the generic revenge, over melodramatic storyline that i have watch too many of this kind of stuff i can't handle it anymore.

For those who like this kind of stuff 7.5/10 watchable.

For those who like a little more depth to their story lines i advise look somewhere else. This is one of my favorite dramas and it was an emotional roller coaster. I loved all the OSTs for this drama, especially the main one by Ali.


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