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It engenders timidity towards authority and binds children to their parents.

This results in adult subservience to state authority and to capitalistic exploitation.

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An article published in Dagblad Suriname on September 18th, 2015 mentions a “Sex in the City” youth conference that recently took place in Suriname. In 2009 it was launched in Guyana then also Trinidad in July 2010.

The conference is an initiative by an organization called “Rules of the Arena.” According to an article on Christians written by Ian Cummings: The Rules of the Arena was birthed in the United States in 2005 by Rev. It was also presented to Suriname in August 2010 for one week in a variety of churches.

The Rules of the Arena deals with sexual immorality.

As a result of all the immorality that occurs in the churches especially among the youths, Rev.

Ian Cummings was mandated by God to address these issues in the lives of young people.

Too often we see our generation in a downward spiral of sin and just leave them unchecked and up to their own devices.

One of the speakers at the recent conference in Suriname was Ian Cummings himself.

At his “Sex in the City” conference Cummings teaches the youth sexual abstinence and to avoid sex outside of marriage.

A quote that I found particularly interesting in the Dagblad Suriname article is the following: The reason why this quote caught my attention is because this is the exact opposite of the truth.

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