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Brighton Scouts Campsite in the South Downs National Park.

23 Acres with 18 secluded woodland pitches close to the South Downs Way and the City of Brighton and Hove.

Indoor Accommodation for 38 with Kitchen and Dining Room, and a large Hall for Games or Training Courses No firearms or dogs allowed on site.

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Please be at Portslade station at 1.30pm on Friday 29th July.

Please can all the cubs have a main meal before they come to camp.

Please ensure that ALL kit is packed in suitable bags and EVERYTHING names including names on the outside of the bags.

All kit will be going in the hold under the coach, and will have to be carried to the campsite by the cubs when we get to the other end.

I will not be on the coach but Simon and Zach will be.

On Monday 1st August we should be arriving back at Portslade station around 2pm ish.If this time drastically changes, then i will get a message to you all.HQ is in an area of outstanding natural beauty at the foot of the South Downs.Outside HQ is a vast area of lawns including a childrens play area, used for wide games and other activities.Also there are 3 ponds useful for fishing and rafting.Nearby woods are ideal for tracking, wide games and bivouacking We operate a no smoking policy in the main hall All rubbish to be seperated into burnable/non-burnable.


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