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Only a month has passed since the end of the World Combat Games, and St. World SAMBO Championship is the culmination of the year of the special events 75th SAMBO anniversary.

More than 600 wrestlers from around the world will compete for medals in sports palace "Jubileyny". In addition to the recognition of the anniversary year of SAMBO in Russia, it is also the 90th anniversary of SAMBO as a self-defense system, and the 40th anniversary since the first World Championship in Tehran. Strong athletes have come with Mongolian team, the world champions.

However, the competition was attended by 11 countries. The task of the Russian national team is the first place in the team standings. Kirill Sidelnikov, Russia: I always have the excitement. I worry more because fights will be shown not just on SAMBO. Munhbayar Perenley, Mongolia: It’s my first time in St. I have not taken part in the world championships, so I worry a little bit. Opponents are very strong at this championship, but I hope for a good result. Dmitry Babijchuk, Ukraine: SAMBO for me it is a way of life.

Now, as the organizers say, more than 70 States have provided the athletes at the championship. And perhaps Ukrainian Dmytry Babijchuk as the previous month, will meet again in the final the Russian Ali Kurzhev. Russians have the serious responsibility, after all, the anniversary date, and the championship is at home. TV, but also on channel Russia 2, everybody will see everything - friends, relatives. And why I have such presentation here like a star…there are many champions here, they are all well-known, somebody won 4 or even 5 times. I am a two-time world champion, honored Master of Sports. I wish success all participants in the competition! During the three days 27 sets of medals will be played: 9 on each category; among men, women and in combat SAMBO. I'm training since childhood, and it gave me not just education but also a world view and nature. The time out of competition will be a great opportunity to all participants to see the famous beauty of the Russian northern capital.

Some of the athletes will go to the mat after a very slight break as their nominee has been made to the World Combat Games and the World Championship. Dmitry Babijchuk, Ukraine: I've been preparing for this athlete. At the previous World Championship Russia became the first in team event, winning 23 medals, 17 were gold. Kirill Sidelnikov, Russia: SAMBO, it's not just a hobby. Despite the imminent reduction in daylight, evening city lights help to feel the unique atmosphere of St.

Dmitry Babijchuk, Ukraine: To tell you the truth, too little time has passed since we left here. And I hope, if this time I will meet him, I think, judging will be objectively, because last time in the finals 2 points were not given to Ukraine. Of course, teams of other countries were also seriously preparing for the World Championship in the 75th year of SAMBO.

Shavkat Djuraev, Uzbekistan: I’ve been here 2 times at the World Championship in St.

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