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Sarai Givaty, sometimes spelled Sarai Givati, is a well known actress, and model in Israel.

in 2005 Sarai was a part of a small cast who received the "Best Teen Show of The Year" from the Israel Golden Screen Award (Masah Hazahav).

Shortly there after, Sarai became a big name in the Israeli entertainment industry and received many large company endorsements.

A year later Sarai decided to explore her work options in Los Angeles.

Upon her arrival, she quickly landed the lead role in a film called The Passage (2007) starring opposite Stephen Dorff.

It was always acting and music, though modeling was one of the best things happening to me at a young age.” She added, “Though modeling and acting are very different from each other, having the experience of being in front of the camera was definitely an advantage.” Sarai Givaty said she knew she was a musician as soon as she sat down at a piano as a kid.

She released her debut EP, entitled “The Monkeys Are Here.” Aside from acting, Sarai Givaty also paints and has showcased her work in over 40 galleries the world over.

She said, “There was a point where I wanted to paint more but that only lasted a year or two.

I’m sure I’ll go back to it when I get older.” She said her work is her passion. A bit of trivia: she always sleeps with the light on when she’s alone.

in 2007, the movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival where critics called Sarai's performance "star making".

Some other notable project she's worked on was the lead in the Enrique Iglesias video "Somebody's Me".

In 2009 Sarai was back in Israel to shoot yet another comedic role in TV series called "The Pilot Wives".

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